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Induction Heating

Induction heating in welding uses an electromagnetic field that creates a disturbance in the molecules of the metal which in turn creates heat.

Main uses are Induction Heating Welding Preheat, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Hydrogen Bake Out, Post Heating, Line Thaw, Annealing, Tempering and Thermal Stabilization.

Induction heating often known for its ease of set up and rapid rate of heating, oftentimes heating up to 10 times quicker than other traditional methods like flame or electrical resistance while also maintaining a cool to the touch coil induction offers a safer and cleaner approach for a lot of applications.

Axioms understanding and control of induction heating for welding or other uses ensures a faster heat treatment with finite temperature control and accuracy for all applications.

Axiom HT

Our methods of Heat Treatment

By utilizing Axiom's experience and patented technology we have the means to offer a compilation of heating and cooling methods that help you manage the budget and improve the schedule.

Axiom Heat Treatment is The World Leader in blended methods of heating and cooling.

Axiom Heat Treatment takes pride in our ability to plan, budget, and schedule large complex heat treatments that meet or exceed the most stringent code stipulations.
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Common Applications:
  • Pre-Weld Preheating
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Hydrogen Bake Out
  • Line Thaw
  • Bolt Heating
  • Nut Heating
  • Turbine Rotor Expansion
  • Turbine Shrink Fitting
On-Site Heat Treatment Specialists. Providing Electrical resistance, Combustion, Induction, and more.
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