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Phenolic Coating Cure

A phenolic coating cure is a process of using heat to cure the coating to the components it has been applied to. Applied to the internal surface of tanks and vessels, these phenolic resin coatings are designed to withstand abrasion from product after the curing process is complete. Since these phenolic resins are made up from different chemical compositions, the proper curing process can determine the success of the application.

Often cured at lower temperatures compared to metals and refractories, coatings often have multiple temperatures, hold patterns and sometimes multiple cures to get to the final desired result. The lower temperatures can create issues if proper burner placement and air monitoring and control are not properly monitored. Lower temperatures do not always mean easier to control.

The vessels and tanks that these coating are typically applied to can be large in diameter creating an area that requires a more finite air pressure as well as temperature control. Viscosity, dew point, coating reactivity, surface hardening and moisture content control are all considerations when planning a coating cure.

Utilizing hi velocity gas and air to drive heat into the paint is often the preferred method; the pressure of the convective heat is forced through the coating helping achieve skin/metal temperature that ensures the through temperature of the coating has been met as well as the chemical composition and surface hardening required for its intended design criteria.

Axioms experience in the placement and operations of burner systems for these often-critical path components helps give our customers peace of mind that temperature control as well as safety and quality will never be compromised in the phenolic coating cure process.

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Our clients ROI depends on the preparation, planning, quality and execution of our phenolic coating cure work to enhance the life extension of the components we work on. 

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