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Energy Industry Line Thaw Services

The need for a line thaw happens when process flow is interrupted inside the system and the product temperature drops to a level that inhibits the flow of the product.

Cold climates, lack of insulation on the piping systems and a lack of steam tracing can also be contributors.

There are safety concerns that must be addressed first before any heat is applied to a system that has blocked product in the system.

Each product has a lower explosive limit (LEL) and an upper explosive limit (UEL) knowing these for each product type in the system you will be working on will help set proper temperatures and alleviate any potential for safety issues once heat is applied.

Some systems can be long and have bends, valves or lower lying areas that the product will settle in first before other areas. These areas are typical of where product may gather and congeal first

Applied heat in the known blocked or congealed areas in the form of electrical resistance heating elements or induction coils can help liquify the product in the system quickly.

Having a form of pressure applied into the system like high pressure steam or air can help push the product once it begins to liquify.

Onsite Line Thaw Services Company Axiom HT

Axioms ability to ask the right questions and our understanding of product LEL & UEL give our customers confidence that we will work safely and diligently to apply the correct heating methods and applications with our line thaw services to get them back to production as quickly as possible. Our professional services will also extend to preventive maintenance, assisting customers with measures and methods that helps keep them productive.

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Our clients ROI depends on the preparation, planning, quality and execution of our line thaw services work to enhance the life extension of the components we work on. 

Axiom HT

On Site Heat Treatment Services

Axiom Heat Treatment takes pride in our ability to plan, budget, and schedule large complex heat treatments that meet or exceed the most stringent code stipulations.
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Our management and SME’s work diligently on the front end with our clients' Heat Treatment planning, cost control, and scheduling groups to enhance the chances of success with safety at the forefront of everything we do.
Our project team's commitment to quality and operational excellence helps drive performance levels giving our clients the comfort of knowing we have their back in all their Heat Treatment needs.
Our ability to prepare, plan and execute helps us achieve the ultimate aim of client satisfaction which lets us prevail, together.
Clients trust Axiom with their biggest pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment challenges as we deliver efficient, innovative solutions in a safe, cost-effective, manner.
On-Site Heat Treatment Specialists. Providing Electrical resistance, Combustion, Induction, and more.
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