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Refractory Dry Out Services

Refractory dry out is utilized in high temperature operations due to its resistance to abrasion and protection of the components it is applied to. Like cement in looks, make up and applications, the dry out process uses heat to drive the mechanical water out of the refractory as well as create a chemical bonding of the refractory material. Utilizing Hi Velocity gas and air combustion across the face of the refractory area, the pressure created helps drive the convective heat through the refractory material, helping driving out any mechanical water that was used in the making of the refractory.

Refractory Dry Out Process

A typical refractory dryout will have multiple hold times and temperatures throughout the drying process, these hold times are designed to create a chemical bonding of the refractory to maximize its efficiency during operations. As a result, the Dry Out processes can be long due to some extended hold times written into the dry out procedures.

Refractory Dry Out Procedure Challenges

There is also the propensity of steam occurring during different heat up phases which can have risk, cost and schedule implications if not adequately addressed during pre-job discussions. Weep areas where steam may be noticeable and knowing the best route forward should steam occur is good practice and can prevent premature failures like micro cracking or spalling before or after the components go into service.

Experienced Refractory Dry Out Company Axiom HT

Axioms experience in the placement and operations of burner systems for these often-critical path components helps give our customers peace of mind that temperature control as well as safety and quality will never be compromised through the refractory dry out service.

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Our clients ROI depends on the preparation, planning, quality and execution of our refractory dry out work to enhance the life extension of the components we work on. 

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Axiom Heat Treatment takes pride in our ability to plan, budget, and schedule large complex heat treatments that meet or exceed the most stringent code stipulations.
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